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Right To Work Campaign Poster for March on Tuesday 18th May May 17, 2010

A Poster for the protest run by The Right To Work Campaign due next Tuesday (18th May).


5 Responses to “Right To Work Campaign Poster for March on Tuesday 18th May”

  1. codecrackx15 Says:

    When did working become a “right”?
    I don’t see it in the Bill of Rights.
    Entrepreneurship is the way to go because if you can’t find a job that wants to hire you…you have to go out and do what you got to do to make it happen.

    • Budapestkick Says:

      I notice that the term ‘entrepeneur’ seems to be a posh way of saying ‘Gombeen-Man’. Seán Fitzpatrick and Quinn were both considered entrepeneurs until it was pointed out that they were in fact thieves and idiots respectively. Also the idea of just ‘going out and becoming an entrepeneur’ seems quite bizarre in an era of shrinking markets and increased concentration of wealth in monopolies. It seems that, for some people, the failure of neo-liberalism and its absurd myths doesn’t quite seem to have sunk in.

  2. codecrackx15 Says:

    OK…or you can sit around, whine about it, and cry for the government to hold your hand and find you a job….so very adult right there.

  3. Budapestkick Says:

    Or you can wallow in the blissful ignorance that the reason there are 400,000+ people without a job is because they’re lazy. This, I’ve found is an attitude common enough to private-schooled tories and the like who have little or no connection to the real world. Besides, it is very obviously absurd for society in general to leave 400,000 people on the dole when their skills could be put to use in developing infrastructure, industry etc. The idea that people stuck on the dole are waiting for a hand-out is patently untrue. Everyone I know who has lost their job works around the clock firing off c.vs and taking any bit of work they can find just to make ends meet. You would of course know this if you weren’t so obviously a priveleged, rich-kid idiot. I recommend you try living on social welfare with a mortgage and a family to support. Perhaps then you wouldn’t be so susceptible to discredited and frankly laughable neo-liberal bullshit like you were spouting above.

  4. codecrackx15 Says:

    FYI: I went to school, got a job in technology and my wife and I live well below our means and max out our 401K’s. We both drive cars that are 15 years old and we stick to a budget. We have a mortgage and zero debt.
    Try taking some responsibility for your own life and act like a freaking adult.
    I do not come from money and never went to a prestigious college… So stop your crying and do what you got to do because if you would rather not better yourself and make it and you would rather live off the government and the tax money that is stolen from me then you are part of the problem and probably one of the lazy ones who finds more time to complain than learning something that can better themselves so they can get better jobs and make more money.

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