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“Fighting for the Fortgotten Middle Class” – Bill Clinton 1992 US Presidential Election Leaflet February 22, 2012

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“Fighting for the Fortgotten Middle Class” a 1992 US Presidential Election Leaflet from Bill Clinton.



Sinn Fein Leaflet from the 1998 Assembly Elections April 26, 2010

A Sinn Fein Leaflet from the 1998 Assembly Elections. The referendum on the Good Friday Agreement had been passed a month earlier.
We have pictures of Gerry Adams with Bill Clinton and with Bertie Ahern. There is a confidence in the wording.
Amongst the items in the leaflet, Sinn Fein were ….

‘working to ensure … the right of Irish citizens in the north to:-

-Send representatives to Leinster House.
-Vote in Presidential elections.
-Vote in Referendums.’

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