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November 1990 issue of the UDA Magazine “Ulster” November 30, 2017

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The November 1990 issue of the UDA Magazine “Ulster” which I’ve scanned and uploaded in pdf here


1990 letter to UDA mag “Ulster” re Jack Charlton and The Irish teams choice of music October 12, 2017

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From the November 1990 edition of the UDA magazine “Ulster” , the correspondent isn’t too happy with Jack Charlton and the Irish team singing rebel songs!


September 1983 edition of the UDA newsletter ‘Ulster’ October 25, 2015

The September 1983 edition of the Ulster Defence Association newsletter ‘Ulster’ which is in uploaded in pdf form.
Among the items covered are Anti Segregation protests, threats to criminals from the UDA, plenty of small pieces about Gerry Adams and Cardinal O’Fiach, a piece on Rose Harvey and Dominic McGlinchey.
Click on the image to launch in pdf


Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) – ‘Saying No means NO FUTURE’ -Good Friday Agreement May 4, 2010

A leaflet from the UDP in favour of the Good Friday Agreement.
The Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) were a small Loyalist party allied to UDA. They disbanded in 2001.
The UDP were formed in 1989 from the Ulster Loyalist Democratic Party (UDLP) which had been set up by the UDA in 1981. In this leaflet the leader of the party is Gary McMichael whose father John McMichael, had previously been leader of the UDLP. John McMichael was killed in 1987.
From the 1996 Forum elections the party were alloted 2 seats, taken by Gary McMichael and John White. These seats entitled them to a place in the all-party talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement.
In the 1998 Assembly elections the party failed to win any seats. They held a number of council seats until their demise in 2001.

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