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“He Cannot Change His Spots” – “Vote No To Gerry Adams” February 21, 2011

More anti Gerry Adams material from Louth…
The sender notes

a poster printed by John V. Lennon one of Cork’s
most notorious eccentrics, who has a long history in political life
and public speaking, He was involved in campaigning for Michael D.
Higgins in the early days, both having gone to UCG. You are also
probably familiar with Bernie Murphy getting elected to Cork City
Council, which Lennon orchestrated. This week Lennon is going to Louth
to speak against Gerry Adams running for election, he is going to put
these posters up around the place as part of it. He spoke against
Adams before in UCC Philosophical Society in 1984 after which Adams
refused to shake his hand, which was a novel change. Lennon won the
debate in question by over 300 votes to 5.


4 Responses to ““He Cannot Change His Spots” – “Vote No To Gerry Adams””

  1. seán Says:

    How very slanderous has he evidence that would stan up in court if not he or anyone displaying this would be wise to seek legal advise. Brfore casting such slurs

    • Maria Lennon Says:

      First of all Sean, learn to punctuate and spell – then do a bit more research.

      I am John V Lennon’s daughter and what he is saying would stand up in court.


      Maria Lennon

      • RepublicanSocialist1798 Says:

        Want a bet?

        (Oh you can relax personally I believe you should judge the man and not his comments, ergo my opposition to the laws of libel.)

  2. shea Says:

    over 3000 dead in a conflict brought down to six people. if adams did have something to do with there death then as a consequence there going to be the only people the likes of john remember.

    but good for him he’s exerciseing his right to free speech and partisipating in an election to select a government of the people by the people in one part of ireland and long may it last, something IRA men and there like in previous generations butcherd and murder’d to achieve.

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