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Noel O’Hanrahan ‘Stop The Rot’ – Dublin North Central 1992 September 26, 2009

An unusual leaflet (and he had posters similar to the main picture around at the time too.)  In 1992 he reckoned “.. by reducing expenditure on the border by 100 million pounds….creating 30,000 new jobs in Dublin from this saving…” Lots more good plans in the leaflet. Nice Dig at Taca in it too.
For his troubles Noel got 363 votes….. Still, its the picture at the front that makes it!




Divorce Referendum 1986- The Association of Lawyers Against the Amendment September 24, 2009

Quite a detailed legalistic document  from the Association of Lawyers against the Amendment. It is difficult at times to read in its original form never mind after going through my scanner.

This goes through the proposed amendments wording and then argues against it. It does give a more balanced Legal arguement (which wouldn’t be too difficult) against the Amendment other than ‘Divorce is wrong’ and so on.




1997 Rainbow Government- “Partnership Works” slogan September 23, 2009

In 1997 the Rainbow government went to the country looking for a new term. It was an already agreed joint platform which is highly
unusual. Each party had a ‘Partnership works’ slogan on their literature asking voters to continue their preferences to other
Government parties.
They also produced a joint policy document. And some joint election material.
In previous times Fine Gael/Labour had on occassion asked voters to continue preferences to the other party. At times it was unrequited as Fine Gael asked , but Labour didn’t. Indeed there are examples here where Fine Gael asked for Transfers to Labour where no Labour Party candidate stood.


Richard Bruton 1992 – ‘A Fresh Start’ and Letter to constituents. September 17, 2009

This is a Richard Bruton Leaflet and a letter to constituents from the 1992 General Election.

In the Middle part of the first leaflet we see  ‘reforming Fas’, tax benefits on third level fees  and so on. Would the job creation ideas of 17 years ago work again?



‘Futureline’ -Young FG magazine July 1992 September 14, 2009

Futureline, the Young Fine Gael magazine in 1992. Young Fine Gael are delighted with themselves at the Yes vote for Maastricht and the fact that they campaigned during the exam season. Also contains a report of a questions and answers session with John Bruton. in Maynooth .

Interesting to note that  the event was chaired by (The now Sunday Independent Jouralist ) John Drennan the chairperson of the Young Fine Gael, Maynooth College branch.

Some lovely images too of the Summer Bar-B-Que on the back page with Brian Hayes amongst others looking as if hes enjoying himself.  Others pictured include Stephen Rea, Colm Brophy,Karen Bailey, Tim Wray and John Mullins,Wonder are many of them still involved?



Adrian Hardiman, Elizabeth Gregan, Betty Coffey,William Harvey- Fianna Fail 1985 LE Dun Laoghaire September 11, 2009

From the 1985 local elections in Dun Laoghaire, Adrian Hardiman, Elizabeth Gregan, Betty Coffey and William Harvey all running for Fianna Fail.
The Adrian Hardiman is the now Judge Adrian Hardiman that was standing for Fianna Fail and who later had connections with the PDs.
(Theres quite a number of our current judiciary such as Pat McCartan, George Bermingham, Henry Abbott and Michael White who have also put themselves before the electorate in the past)


Sean Kelly 1997 – Not the usual political portrait….

Normally candidates look happy , sometimes even serious as they try to project some form of gravitas from their pictures.  They may even wear a fancy outfit or shiny suit . The airbrush is common as when some candidates call to the door they look a different person to that in the poster or flyer pictures…..

Not so Sean Kelly who stood as an Independent in Dublin South Central in the 1997 General Election. Sean, is not the height of fashion , looks more than grumpy and the dog doesn’t look thrilled to bits either.

He polled 125 votes.


Fundraising Letter from Charles Haughey to business circa 1987 September 10, 2009

With the headline “Things cannot go on as they are; the economy must be got going again”, A Four page letter from Mr Haughey to businessmen circa 1987.  With a form to donate attached (must have been small business if there was a form!).
I’m not sure if he would have signed it himself.
In the letter the state of the country is outlined as well as Fianna Fails vague plans. It s only at the end that the real purpose of the letter is mentioned.



Niall Andrews -Fianna Fail -Euro 99 September 9, 2009

From the 1999 European Elections, Fianna Fail candidate Niall Andrews.



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