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Oliver Hughes -Independent Republican Party- Magherafelt Council May 8, 2011

From the 2011 Local Elections in Northern Ireland a leaflet for Independent Republican Party candidate Oliver Hughes who is standing in Moyola. Oliver Hughes is the brother of IRA hunger striker Francis Hughes. Hughes was originally elected for Sinn Fein but has since left the party. Another former Sinn Fein Councillor Patsy Groogan is also standing for the Independent Republican Party in the Sperrin ward of Magherafelt DC.
Many thanks to the sender.


One Response to “Oliver Hughes -Independent Republican Party- Magherafelt Council”

  1. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Oliver received a little over 400 votes in the Moyola ward which wasn’t nearly enough to retain the seat he has held off and on since 1982 when he was elected for the short lived Irish Independence party. Sinn Féin had 10 candidates in magherafelt and 9 of them were elected (three in each ward) giving them an overall majority in a Council of 16 seats. This may be the first time this has ever happened in a northern council.

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