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Charlie Haughey’s message to delegates from the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis. May 1, 2012

From the Clar for the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis, Then Taoiseach and Fianna Fail leader Charlie Haughey’s message to delegates.



Fianna Fail 1981 General Election-Sean Doherty , Terry Leyden -Roscommon May 21, 2010

From the 1981 General Election a leaflet fro Fianna Fail candidates Sean Doherty and Terry Leyden.
At the start of a decade where emigration was rife Haughey writes…
• That the best possible Educational. Recreational and Employment Opportunities will he provided for our young people.

Hitting out at Liberal Ireland he writes…
That the traditional values and standards of our society, which are under threat. will be defended and preserved.
and that
Fianna Fail is the only party that can be trusted to cherish and safeguard the traditional values and ideals of the Irish people



Fianna Fail National Collection 1985. November 1, 2009

Fianna Fail are gathering their war chest for the 1985 local elections…

“Please contribute generously to our collectors when they call.” asks Charlie.
At the last elections Fianna Fail were afraid to call to the door looking for your vote….
.. can you imagine them calling to the door looking for your money?

“If you are not at home when they call please post your contribution to Fianna Fail Headquarters ….
Also “When making your contribution ask the collector for identification”
Nothing as to who to make a Cheque out to? and I cant help but imagine certain individuals ripping open envelopes with glee.



Fianna Fail 1987- ‘The Programme for National Recovery’ -medium September 24, 2009

A stern looking Charlie with what some people have credited as being the catalyst that led to the Celtic Tiger.  This is an abridged 6 page version. (I have the full thing which I will scan st some stage). You will see what became ‘Partnership’ get a mention.
Click on the images to enlarge.



Fianna Fail 1987- “Get Things Going” – Programme for National Recovery Pamphlet

The small pamphlet version with some of the headline items from Fianna Fails “Programme for National Recovery”. “Get Things Going”. Click on main leaflet to enlarge



Fianna Fail -November 1982 – Haugheys Message to the Electorate. September 16, 2009

Fianna Fail November 1982. This was the second election in the year and also the shortest serving Government. It was the GUBU government that did the ‘Gregory Deal’ and was to an extent dependent on support from Sinn Fein The Workers Party who later withdrew their support. That doesn’t get a mention in Haugheys message. Instead he refers to the death of Bill Loughnane and the illness of the late Jim Gibbons for this ‘unwanted and unneccessary General Election’. Yet it was a motion of confidence proposed by Mr Haughey upon which the government fell.

We have a stern Haughey trying to look Statesmanlike on the front …… a friendly but menacing looking Charlie on the inside….

The Pro-life Amendment is now an issue. The usual stuff about stability (give me an overall majority please) is there too.

The  part regarding  “a sovereign Independent Nation with own policy on international issues …..settlement of international disputes by peaceful means” is a reference to the Falklands war. Haughey whilst initially not supportive of Britain towed the EEC line, He  broke ranks after the sinking of the Belgrano, much to Britain’s displeasure.



Fundraising Letter from Charles Haughey to business circa 1987 September 10, 2009

With the headline “Things cannot go on as they are; the economy must be got going again”, A Four page letter from Mr Haughey to businessmen circa 1987.  With a form to donate attached (must have been small business if there was a form!).
I’m not sure if he would have signed it himself.
In the letter the state of the country is outlined as well as Fianna Fails vague plans. It s only at the end that the real purpose of the letter is mentioned.



Haugheys message to the electorate – February 1982

Fianna Fail Feb 1982, a lovely picture of Charlie with him claiming that FF Do a better job. His message is interesting also.



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