Irish Election Literature

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Noel O’Hanrahan ‘Stop The Rot’ – Dublin North Central 1992 September 26, 2009

An unusual leaflet (and he had posters similar to the main picture around at the time too.)  In 1992 he reckoned “.. by reducing expenditure on the border by 100 million pounds….creating 30,000 new jobs in Dublin from this saving…” Lots more good plans in the leaflet. Nice Dig at Taca in it too.
For his troubles Noel got 363 votes….. Still, its the picture at the front that makes it!






2 Responses to “Noel O’Hanrahan ‘Stop The Rot’ – Dublin North Central 1992”

  1. Shindig Says:

    Its hard to take him seriously with a picture like that.

  2. Uí Mhaine Says:

    My Oh My, what a wonderful Guy.

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