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Leaflet for “Fianna Fail Raceday 99” – “A Day at the Races with an Extra Dimension” April 1, 2011

A Leaflet for “Fianna Fail Raceday 99” – “A Day at the Races with an Extra Dimension” held in Leopardstown on the 23rd October 1999. The cost for a table of ten was £1000.
There was a Guest MC, Celebrity Tipster, Live Musical Entertainment… and I’m sure so much more going on as you rubbed shoulders with the Great and the Good…
Many Thanks to the sender.



Posters for 2009 Joe Higgins Election Fundraiser in Dingle August 31, 2010

Two posters, one in English , one in Irish advertising a fundraising gig for Joe Higgins European Election Campaign in Dingle. The gig featured Fergus O’Flaherty, Tom Lynch and Friends.
Joe a native of Lispole, is of course is a proud Kerryman. His brother, the late Liam Higgins won two All Irelands wearing the Green and Gold. Joe himself is often seen in Croke Park at matches (often with his mother). Needless to say its not the premium section you’ll see him.
Many thanks to the sender.



1981 Labour Party letter promoting “A Sweepstakes on the Aintree Grand National” August 26, 2010

First off many thanks to the sender.
A 1981 fundraising letter from Paddy Kavanagh (with post compliments of Liam Kavanagh) to Labour Party Wicklow members promoting “A Sweepstakes on the Aintree Grand National” .


1970s Leaflet advertising ‘Labour Party Bounty Bonds’ August 18, 2010

First off many thanks to the sender.
From the early 1970s a Leaflet advertising ‘Labour Party Bounty Bonds’.
The aim of the Bonds were to “Help build a Strong Labour Party by supplying it with the sinews of war for the vital years up to the next General Election.
These bonds gave the owner a return of their investment after five years with an opportunity to win up to £50 in 20 Quarterly Draws over the five year period.



Fundraising Letter from Charles Haughey to business circa 1987 September 10, 2009

With the headline “Things cannot go on as they are; the economy must be got going again”, A Four page letter from Mr Haughey to businessmen circa 1987.  With a form to donate attached (must have been small business if there was a form!).
I’m not sure if he would have signed it himself.
In the letter the state of the country is outlined as well as Fianna Fails vague plans. It s only at the end that the real purpose of the letter is mentioned.



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