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Leaflet from Gerry Collins, Brian Crowley -Fianna Fail -1999 European Elections Munster January 23, 2013

From the 1999 European Elections a leaflet from Fianna Fail candidates Brian Crowley and Gerry Collins who were running in Munster. Both Collins and Crowley were elected. Crowley with a massive 154,195 votes, the highest number of votes and percentage of votes gotten by a candidate in European Elections in the Republic of Ireland.



Gerard Casey -Christian Solidarity Party -1999 European Elections Dublin July 29, 2011

From the 1999 European Elections a leaflet from Gerard Casey of the Christian Solidarity Party who was running in Dublin. He polled 9,425 votes (over 3%).



John Burns- Natural Law Party -1999 European and Local Elections January 22, 2010

John Burns of the Natural Law Party from the 1999 European Elections in Dublin and 1999 Local Elections in Pembroke. He polled poorly in both.
His call for NATO bombers to be replaced with 7000 Yogic flyers did not capture the voters hearts. (John Burns at
The Natural Law Party stopped fielding candidates in Ireland around 2000.

*this Leaflet, was previously part of another post, but I reckoned it deserved a post of its own


Martin Ferris- Sinn Fein- 1999 Euro Elections Munster January 21, 2010

This is what went through the letterbox of the voters in Munster in 1999. It is unusual as it tell you nothing about the candidate, despite the fact that Ferris wasn’t a TD yet.
Martin Ferris polled 6.5% of the vote.



Brian Crowley -Fianna Fail- 1999 European Elections December 30, 2009

The Ever Young looking Brian Crowley from the 1999 European Elections where he topped the poll getting almost 35% of the vote. The Leaflet mentions his time on the ‘Council of State’ as well as other items.



Paula Desmond – Labour -1999 Euro Elections Munster. November 3, 2009

Paula Desmond – Labour -1999 Euro Elections Munster.
A stylish Paula Desmond from the 1999 Euro Elections Munster constituency.
Paula was daughter of the late Eileen Desmond and the late Dan Desmond.
Eileen Desmond had served for many years as a TD and had also been elected to the European Parliament in 1979. Eileen Desmond initially won a Dail seat at the 1965 Cork Mid By-election caused by the death of her husband Dan Desmond. Dan Desmond had been a TD for over 16 years.



Niall Andrews -Fianna Fail -Euro 99 September 9, 2009

From the 1999 European Elections, Fianna Fail candidate Niall Andrews.



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