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Shane McEntee ‘Gaelic Football man through and through’ -Fine Gael -2005 Meath by election June 26, 2010

A wonderful little Card from Fine Gaels Shane McEntee from the 2005 Meath by Election campaign.
In it he reminds us of his and his families GAA pedigree with Meaths 2005 NFL and NHL fixtures on the reverse.
Shane McEntee won the by-election.


3 Responses to “Shane McEntee ‘Gaelic Football man through and through’ -Fine Gael -2005 Meath by election”

  1. Liam Cahill Says:

    I remember well the day I saw this card. It was the Sunday before polling day and I was attending a match in Seneschalstown. When I got back to the car, this was stuck under the wiper. I immediately rang Noel Dempsey, the FF Director of Elections. I said ‘If even half the people in half the parishes mentioned vote for McEntee he’ll skate in’. Which he duly did when the votes were counted.

    I take a personal and professional interest in election literature of all kinds. In my view, this simple little card has to rank as one of the best and most effective.

    I understand that Shane’s brother, Larry, may have been the genius who thought of it.

  2. Liam Cahill Says:

    Hi Alan,
    Thanks for reminding me. I was afraid you might have got it from some Meath lad on the way into Croker!

    Fantastic site you have and good to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

    BTW, is there a word for the specialist collection of election literature?


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