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Leaflet from John Leahy -Independent -Laois Offaly -2011 General Election January 2, 2015

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A leaflet from Offaly based Independent Councillor John Leahy from the 2011 General Election. He polled 4,882 votes. He polled 2686 votes in The Local Elections topping the poll in Birr.
He was in the news recently for speaking at the launch of Lucinda Creightons new party.



Some Oliver J Flanagan pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflets December 13, 2013

A bumper post of pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflets that Charlie Flanagan kindly pictured and sent me (many thanks again).
The first two pictures are from the 1969 General Election Campaign.
Then we  have a 1981 General Election flyer from Oliver J Flanagan, Johny Butterfield, Tom Enright and Charlie McDonald (Oliver J Flanagan and Tom Enright were elected  result here).
Then the front page of the Irish Times from August 18th 1953 where Oliver J ‘took his jacket off’ ! , he was campaigning in the Galway South By Election.
The a great clipping of Charlie Flanagan and Brian Cowen from the 1987 General Election Campaign.
Then some invites to the 1975 and also the 1976 Fine Gael Ard Fheis.
Finally a picture from the 1966 Presidential Platform.



An Invitation to the 1976 Fine Gael Borris in Ossory ‘First Annual Dinner & Dance’ … music by ‘The Cufflinks’ May 1, 2013

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An Invitation to the 1976 Fine Gael Borris in Ossory ‘First Annual Dinner & Dance’ . The night featured music by ‘The Cufflinks’ and a Guest Speaker Tom O’Donnell TD. The guest of honour was Mr James Phelan.
Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet from Eddie Fitzpatrick- Independent (Joined FF recently) -Laois Offaly 2011 GE August 15, 2011

A 2011 General Election Leaflet from then Independent Eddie Fitzpatrick who joined Fianna Fail recently. The Portarlington based, former PD councillor left the PDs after the 2007 General Election and held his council seat in 2009.
In the 2011 General Election he polled a respectable 2554 votes. He had been voting with Fianna Fail on the council prior to joining them.
Tullamore Tribune article on Cllr Fitzpatrick Joining Fianna Fail



Flyer for Liam Dumpleton -Independent -Laois Offaly 2011 GE March 19, 2011

From the 2011 General Election Flyer for Liam Dumpleton running as an Independent in Laois Offaly. Former Labour Party member Dumpleton, who works for Midlands 103 FM polled 382 votes.



“Offaly News” -Barry Cowen with a message from Brian Cowen -2011 GE March 15, 2011

Possibly the only piece of Election material from 2011 with a message from Brian Cowen. A leaflet “Offaly News” from his brother, Fianna Fail Laois Offaly candidate Barry Cowen.
In the leaflet we get details of all the good things Offaly got as well as “The Truth” about various items.
For “The Bank Guarantee -The Truth
We get the justification of the guarantee, a quote from Patrick Honohan and then the punchline……
“The State has already earned €1 billion for guarantee fees in less than two years.”



Leaflet from John Bracken -Independent- Laois Offaly-2011 GE March 11, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a leaflet from Independent candidate John Bracken running in Laois Offaly. The Ballycumber based Independent polled 625 votes.



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