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Leaflet from John Perry -Independent – Sligo Leitrim #GE2020 January 30, 2020

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A Leaflet from John Perry who is running as an Independent in Sligo Leitrim in the 2020 General Election.
Many thanks to the sender



John Perry “Delivering for you in Dail Eireann” #ge16 February 10, 2016

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A leaflet from John Perry of Fine Gael giving details of what has been delivered to Sligo/Leitrim during the term of the government.
Many thanks to the sender.



(With Airbrushed Enda) John Perry – Fine Gael -2007 General Election Sligo North Leitrim January 25, 2012

From the 2007 General Election a leaflet from Fine Gael candidate John Perry running in Sligo North Leitrim. On the front there is a heavily airbrushed picture of Enda Kenny along with pictures of running mates Imelda Henry and Michael Comiskey.
The Ballymote based Perry was the only one of three candidates to be elected.



John Perry -Fine Gael – Sligo Leitrim 2002 GE October 13, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a flyer for Fine Gael Sligo Leitrim candidate John Perry.
Perry, a Ballymote based businessman, was first elected in 1997 and despite it being a poor election for Fine Gael, he held on to his seat.
“Vision with Purpose” was a pretty bad Slogan especially when up against the memorable “A lot done, more to do”.



Joe Leonard, John Perry and Gerry Reynolds- Fine Gael- Sligo-Leitrim 1997 General Election. January 14, 2010

Joe Leonard, John Perry and Gerry Reynolds from the 1997 General Election in Sligo-Leitrim. With Ted Nealon having retired and Labours Declan Bree holding a seat, Fine Gael had a challenge to win a second seat. In the end John Perry and the Leitrim based Gerry Reynolds won seats, with Decklan Bree losing out.
John Perry mentions work having started on a 15 acre Tourism park in Ballymote. Was this completed?


Fine Gael Ballymote 1985 LE-Eddie Cogan,Leo Conlon,Neil Henry, Tommy Lavin, Tony McLoughlin, John Perry. October 5, 2009

The 1985 Local elections Ballymote LEA. The Fine Gael ticket of Eddie Cogan,Leo Conlon,Neil Henry, Tommy Lavin, Tony McLoughlin and John Perry. Current Fine Gael TD John Perry wasn’t elected. The leaflet also urges voters to ‘continue your preferences for the Labour Party’. There was no Labour Party candidate.



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