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Podcast -The 1969 South West Donegal Hospitalization Committee candidate Eunan Curristan -Episode 29 January 19, 2021

A look at the 1969 General Election campaign of Eunan Curristan of The South West Donegal Hospitalization Committee. He was the first major Independent Hospital candidate to run in a General Election here.

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4 Responses to “Podcast -The 1969 South West Donegal Hospitalization Committee candidate Eunan Curristan -Episode 29”

  1. Elaine Callander Says:

    Dear Alan, you have no idea how delighted to hear this pod cast, Eunan Curristan was my father and for many many years before his death ( ironically in Sligo Hospital as there was no facility in SW Donegal !!!!) in 2010 we spoke many times of putting down some documentation on this hospitalization campaign. With the death of my mother in 2017 I have now acquired all Dads papers and especially his committee papers. All handwritten minutes of all the meetings of the committee, the donation book receipts and funnily enough what you may not have know that for some time the committee purchased an ambulance and ran the ambulance form the very rural areas, voluntary staffed by local drivers and local GPs to supplement the poor service in SW Donegal. When the committee was disbanded the ambulance was donated to Concern to be shipped to Africa and Concern lost the ambulance somewhere in Dublin. I have been searching Archives of local and national newspapers at the time to try and get copies of the media coverage to no avail, so in your research of this pod cast could I ask you to send me copies of your research. I am trying to for Eunans grandchildren to put some form of family history together that maybe one day they would look and see just how truly an activist their Grandad was. Again what a wonderful podcast. Elaine Callander ( née Curristan )

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