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From 2005 -Green Party Submission on Reducing Tax Avoidance by High-Earners October 11, 2010

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By Dan Boyle, from 2005 A Green Party Submission to the Public Consultation on Reducing Tax Avoidance by High-Earners.
It focuses on Tax Reliefs.
It would be interesting to see what has changed regarding Tax Reliefs since this submission was made.



Mairead Duchon -Tax Reform League- flyer 2 Dublin South 1987 February 5, 2010

The Tax Reform League candidate, Mairead Duchon from the 1987 General Election in Dublin South.
The Tax Reform League stood in the 1987 General Election (I’m not sure if they were a registered party). Aside from Mairead Duchon, who got 1253 votes, they fielded at least 3 other candidates.
Camella Cummins stood in Meath getting 636 votes.
Timothy Cahill stood in Dublin South Central and got 711 votes.
Patrick McKiernan stood in Cavan-Monaghan getting 1,868 votes.

Mairead Duchon Tax Reform League



Fine Gael 1982 -Taxing the Farmers October 19, 2009

Anyone who lived through the 70’s and 80’s will know what an issue taxing farmers was, especially in urban areas. Farmers were seen as gettingall the grants from Europe and not paying tax either.
Meanwhile the PAYE worker was the one left carrying the burden. Here Fine Gael claim that they tax the farmers more than Fianna Fail. I think that its from 1982 or else 1987.



Fianna Fail – ‘The Best Deal on Tax’, ‘The Best Deal on Social Welfare’ 1992 September 14, 2009

Two Leaflets from the 1992 General Election.  Taxes were still very high.  By referencing the introduction of Free Travel, Free fuel etc they were showing that they were on the side of the ordinary person. A far cry from their image today.

The price of drink was important back then. Fianna Fail had only put 1p on the pint in five years whilst the Coalition had put 11p on the pint!


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