Irish Election Literature

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Local Election Results for Cork City (1974 to 2009), Cork County (1960 to 2009), Waterford City and County (1974 to 2009)and July 27, 2011

Another bunch of Local Election Results that are currently unavailable online. At the minute the fabulous has most of the 1991 LE with all of the 1999, 2004 and 2009 results.
These are excel files.
Cork City Council 1974 to 2009

Cork Cork County Council 1960 to 2009

Waterford City Council 1974 to 2009
In the 1985 in Waterford City Council Results WPP stands for Waterford Peoples Party which was a split from The Workers Party.

Waterford County Council 1974 to 2009
(There are a few gaps for Waterford County Council for 1979, would love the results if you have them)
Other results to date posted Here (Cavan, Carlow, Clare) and Here (Dublin City and County)

Many thanks to the sender


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