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I will be guest on RTE Radio Ones Late Debate this evening June 30, 2010

Should anyone Be interested, I’ll be a guest on RTE Radio Ones Late Debate this evening. Talking about The Blog, Election Leaflets and so on.

I’m on from around the 47 minute mark


7 Responses to “I will be guest on RTE Radio Ones Late Debate this evening”

  1. Paddy C Says:

    Good luck tonight !

    • Thanks Paddy, it was most enjoyable.
      Cant wait to listen to the podcast to hear how I sound!

      • Liam Byrne Says:

        You won’t recognize your own voice. It’s amazing how the resonance in your head doesn’t carry over and how strange you sound to yourself. I suppose that explains all the bad singers we hear down in the pub? 🙂 Pity we had to listen to the rest of the waffle while we waited, but you were grand. About time ephemera got some recognition! Well done.

  2. barrygruff Says:

    Hope it went well – any chance of posting a rip for us to hear it?

  3. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Ah sorry I missed that, always have trouble accessing any OarTE listen again options. Probably too late now anyway. Is there a transcript of the interview? Hope you remember your friends when they give you the Questions and Answers gig!

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