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“…Censorship breeds ignorance” leaflet from the Repeal Section 31 Campaign December 12, 2016

“Watch Out! RTE “News”? Censorship breeds ignorance” leaflet from the Repeal Section 31 Campaign. The leaflet is from 1993 . In January 1994 Section 31 of the broadcasting act was not renewed by the then Minister Michael D. Higgins..
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“We call on the Minister to revoke Section 31……” and other anti Section 31 posters from The Repeal Section 31 Campaign February 3, 2012

Some posters from the Repeal Section 31 Campaign.
Under Section 31 of the Broadcasting Authority Act, it was forbidden to broadcast the voice of Sinn Féin members. The Act ran from 1971 until it was lifted by the then Minister for Arts, Culture & the Gaeltacht Michael D. Higgins.
There was a similar law in the UK which was gotten around by using actors voices instead of the interviewees.
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