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Protecting The Taxpayer -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009 – Labour Party December 21, 2011

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From 2009 , ‘Protecting The Taxpayer’ -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009
I’ve uploaded this document in PDF format. Click on the image or on the link below to launch.

In Pdf
Protecting The Taxpayer -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009


Leaflet in Polish from James Lawless – Fianna Fail -2009 Local Elections Naas December 20, 2011

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From the 2009 Local Elections a leaflet in Polish from Fianna Fail candidate James Lawless who was running in Naas. The Leaflet amongst other things, explains that EU nationals are eligible to vote in Local and European Elections aand also explains the system of proportional representation. He polled 971votes and narrowly missed out on a seat.
Many thanks to the sender


Leaflet from Alice Glenn ,John Colgan, Michael Keating- Fine Gael- November 1982 Dublin Central. December 19, 2011

From the November 1982 General Election a leaflet from Fine Gael candidates Alice Glenn, John Colgan and Michael Keating who were running in Dublin Central.
Glenn and Keating were elected. All three candidates ended up running as Independents or in Keatings case The Progressive Democrats. Colgan ran as an Independent in the 1991 local Elections whilst Alice Glenn ran as an Independent in the 1997 General Election.
Glenn was probably most famous for her ‘A Woman Voting for Divorce is like a Turkey voting for Christmas‘ leaflet. I also have her reasons for ‘leaving’ Fine Gael “Why Fine Gael divorced Alice Glenn



Leaflet From Tom Gildea -TV Deflector candidate -1999 Local Elections Glenties December 18, 2011

In the 1997 General Election Tom Gildea caused a shock when he was elected to the Dail for Donegal South West running on the issue of Television Deflectors. (Another ‘deflector’ candidate Dermot Kirwin polled almost 3000 votes in Waterford).
This leaflet is from the 1999 Local Elections in Glenties where he won a seat on the council. He didn’t stand in the 2002 General election and retired from politics in 2004. His personal assistasnt Gwen Breslin stood in the 2002 General Election polling 951 votes.



1949 booklet from The Anti Partition of Ireland League for the visit of Eamon De Valera to Birmingham December 17, 2011

In January 1949, the then former Taoiseach Eamon De Valera visited Birmingham as a guest of the Anti Partition League of Ireland. This booklet contains a programme of events, a profile of Dev, a message from Hugh Delargy, the aims of the Anti Partition League of Ireland, ads for Connradh Na Gaedhilge and much more.
There is information on The Anti Partition League here and on page 14 and 15 here.
There is more information on former Labour MP Hugh Delargy here and here



“Delivering For Galway” – Noel Grealish -2011 General Election Galway West December 16, 2011

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From the 2011 General Election a flyer from Independent TD Noel Grealish running in Galway West. Former PD TD Grealish was elected.


Sinn Fein and other No to Lisbon Stickers from the 2009 Lisbon Referendum December 15, 2011

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A series of No to Lisbon stickers from (I think) the second Lisbon Treaty Referendum in 2009. One is from Sinn Fein and I’m not sure who produced the other two.



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