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Five issues of the ‘Socialist Worker’ from May, June, July and August 2001 December 8, 2011

From May, June , July and August 2001 , five issues of the SWP paper ‘Socialist Worker’. They are in *.pdf form, click on image or on the link below the image to open each issue.

May 24th 2001 -No To Nice Headline



Flyer from Paddy Lynn- Workers Party -2001 Westminster Election -Belfast South November 14, 2011

From the 2001 Westminster Election a flyer from Workers Party candidate Paddy Lynn who was running in South Belfast. Lynn polled 204 votes.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Local Review” Cllr John Lahart (Fianna Fail) -Summer 2001 October 12, 2010

This is most likely of interest to those familiar with the Knocklyon /Rathfarnham area. A 2001 newsletter from Fianna Fail councillor John Lahart.
The opening story concerns the destroying of some playing fields and open spaces in the area by Itinerants. It actually ended where the council had to pay quite a large sum of money to get some football pitches fit for playing again.
The Green Route, planning, Rathfarnham Castle and Rathfarnham Village are amongst the many issues covered.



The System (P.R) Of Voting In Ireland -Paul McGrath -Fine Gael 2001 April 30, 2010

Quite an interesting leaflet produced by Westmeath Fine Gael TD Paul McGrath on ‘The System (P.R) Of Voting In Ireland’.
Explained in detail are the Irish version of Proportional Representation and how it works.There are Sections on the following…
The Tally, County and Mixing of Votes.
Spoiled ballot papers.
Calcualting the quota.
Transferring a Surplus.
What happens to the Votes of an Eliminated candidate?
Being Elected without Reaching the Quota.

There are also details on voter registration and the 1997 General Election count for Westmeath.



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