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“The Worker” issue 1 -January 1972 (the SWM’s first published newspaper.) December 29, 2021

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Jan 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the SWM’s first published newspaper “The Worker” .Many thanks to the sender.


From 2002 Socialist Worker Abortion Referendum Special Supplement April 26, 2017

From 2002, in the aftermath of the Abortion Referendum a Socialist Worker Abortion Referendum Special Supplement.


Post 9/11 special two page issue of ‘Socialist Worker ‘ December 16, 2013

A Special two page issue of The Socialist Worker produced in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001. It has a piece on Osama Bin Laden, suggests that the attack is the ‘Bitter fruit of US Policy’ and also has a piece on ‘Marxism and Terrorism’
I’ve also uploaded it in pdf




From 2005 “For a new paper reflecting the new movements: Support the Socialist Worker financial appeal:” April 2, 2013

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From around 2005 a financial appeal from The Socialist Worker Newspaper. “For a new paper reflecting the new movements: Support the Socialist Worker financial appeal:”
Many thanks to the sender.



Five issues of the ‘Socialist Worker’ from May, June, July and August 2001 December 8, 2011

From May, June , July and August 2001 , five issues of the SWP paper ‘Socialist Worker’. They are in *.pdf form, click on image or on the link below the image to open each issue.

May 24th 2001 -No To Nice Headline



Socialist Worker Team Aer Lingus Protest 1994 October 4, 2009

This is from 1994 gives Waterford Glass , Tony O’Reilly and others a decent mention. Jimmy Kelly of Waterford glass was an SWP candidate a few times in Waterford.



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