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Happy Christmas and New Year ….. December 24, 2017

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Just a note to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks to you all for you’re continued support with leaflets etc.



Happy Christmas December 24, 2016

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Just a note to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. As ever thanks also to the many of you that continue to send material and feed my hobby. Thanks Alan



Happy Christmas December 24, 2014

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Just a note to wish you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Thanks for all your support over the year.
Alan Kinsella
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A 1972 and a 1973 Christmas card made in Long Kesh by an internee from Belfast February 27, 2013

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Two Christmas cards made in Long Kesh by an internee from Belfast.
Many thanks to the sender.
Chistmas Card made in Long Kesh 1972.



From 1972 a Christmas Card issued by the Ardoyne Relief Committee December 21, 2012

From 1972 a Christmas Card issued by the Ardoyne Relief Committee with proceeds in aid of internees and their dependents. The cards were published by the monks at Portglenone Abbey.
Many thanks to the sender.




“Remember ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972” – Christmas Card from Peoples Democracy 1972 April 22, 2012

“Remember ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972” a Christmas Card from the Peoples Democracy group in 1972.
More Information on Peoples Democracy Here and a number of Peoples Democracy Publications here
Many thanks to the sender.



2011 Christmas Card from John Halligan -Independent -Waterford January 17, 2012

This Christmas card from Independent TD for Waterford John Halligan got a bit of media coverage recently. Its unusual to say the least……

Many thanks to the sender.



“The Birmingham Six , Remember Them This Christmas” -Christmas Card issued by The Birmingham Six Committee mid 80s December 24, 2011

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From the mid eighties a Christmas Card issued by The Birmingham Six Committee. “The Birmingham Six , Remember Them This Christmas” . It asked the recipient to light six candles in the window on Christmas Day to show your belief in the innocence of Hugh Callaghan, Paddy Hill, Gerard Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, William Power and John Walker.
It also asked the recipients to write to Douglas Hurd, Peter Barry, TDs , MP and other bodies.
The Birmingham Six were wrongly convicted of the 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975. After a long campaign they were released in 1991.
Many thanks to the Sender.



“Hello! I’m Back” -Christmas Card from The Communist Party of Ireland 2010 December 24, 2010

With this Card may I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. A New Year that I’m sure will have me busy with the forthcoming Election.
Many thanks for all those who’ve sent stuff throughout the year, its much appreciated. Its nice to post material other than my own which broadens the scope of the material posted. As ever should you get a leaflet or the like I’d love a copy (or the original).

A 2010 Christmas Card from The Communist Party of Ireland.
many thanks to the sender



“Merry Bloody Christmas” card for domestic abuse and other Christmas Cards December 22, 2010

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Was sent these images, alas the sender does not have better quality images or the inside pages of the cards.
The first Christmas Card for Domestic abuse victims is very good and were anyone to have a better quality image or indeed the full card I’d love to post it.
We also have a card from the Orange Order and one of Marx with a Santa hat.



2010 Christmas Card from Bertie Ahern and Cyprian Brady – details all the good things done over the past year December 20, 2010

From Bertie and Cyprian a Christmas card with the message
“Thank You and Best Wishes for Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year” – ‘From Your Local TDs -Fianna Fail’.
Inside we’ve a garish picture of Bertie and one of Cyprian also. We get to read about all the good news in Dublin Central over the past year.
At the back is a lovely picture of St Lukes with details of Clinic Times and contact details.
Many thanks to the sender.



Christmas Cards from 1984 -“Support The Miners right to a Future” and “The Miners Fight is Your Fight” December 14, 2010

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Two of a series of Christmas cards produced in 1984 by Rhymney Valley Miners Support Group during the Miners Strike in Britain.
(I have two more which I shall post too -many thanks to the sender)
The First Card contains a poem entitled ‘Kids Questions’ which begins

amid the quiet of the night.
Children don’t understand this fight.
They don’t know or realise,
Why their dad has tears in his eyes….

The Second Card has a poem ‘The Death of a Lady’ which begins..

My GOD! What a legacy.
Dark grey hills of slag.
My valley was once beautiful,
now she’s an ugly broken hag….



‘Christmas Greetings to All Oppressed Peoples’ – Christmas Card -Prisoners Aid Committee 70/80s October 3, 2010

A Christmas Card published by The Prisoners Aid Committee. ‘Christmas Greetings to All Oppressed Peoples‘ with lyrics taken from the ballad ‘The Moon Behind The Hill’.
Many thanks to the sender.



Out of The Ashes Arose The Provisionals -Republican Christmas Card April 30, 2010

A christmas card produced, I assume by the Republican movement or Sinn Fein. I think its from the 70s or early 80s.
Aside from the  traditional ‘Nollaig faoi shean is faoi mhaise duit’ in the card there is also a quote from Marie Drumm.
‘We must take no steps backwards, our steps must be forward, for if we don’t our martyrs who died for you, for me, for this country, will haunt us for eternity’
Marie Drumm was a former vice president of Sinn Féin who was assinated whilst in hospital by Loyalists in 1976. She was also a commander in Cumann na mBan.
many thanks to the donor



Green Cross and ‘Release all Our Political Prisoners’ Christmas Cards April 24, 2010

A Green Cross 1977 Christmas Card and another ‘Release all Our Political Prisoners’ Christmas Card from the Late Seventies.
Amongst the groups to benefit were Free The Casement Accused , Anti Extradition Committee, Campaign against Strip Searching, Campaign for Lifers, Voice of the Innocent, Irish Political Prisoners in Europe Solidarity Group and Committee for the Transfer of Irish Prisoners.
many thanks again to the donor.



Happy Christmas from Dick Roche….. December 24, 2009

A old Christmas card from Dick Roche



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