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From 2007 “Forward” issue 10 from The Connolly Youth Movement May 1, 2020

From 2007 “Forward” issue 10 from The Connolly Youth Movement. It contains pieces on The 90th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Lenin on Youth, an interview with Attila The Stockbroker and more.
I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf format here
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From 1929 “Report Of Irish Labour Delegation” to the USSR. February 26, 2019

In 1929 a delegation from the Dublin Trades Union and Labour Council made the journey to Moscow to coincide with the twelfth anniversary celebrations of The October Revolution. The delegation included Miss K. N. Price, W McMullen, T Geehan, H.S. Ward, T Waldron, H J Tucker, Helena Molony, P Holohan, P.T. Daly and Robert Tynan. On Returning from their mission they issued this report. It is 56 pages , contains photographs, a description of their Journey, conditions of Workers Rights and details of the places visited during the visit.

I’ve Scanned and uploaded it in PDF Format here


“Democratic Rights” 1988 Pamphlet from the Communist Party of Ireland March 25, 2018

From 1988 A communist Party of Ireland Discussion Pamphlet ” Democratic Rights” outlining a History of the Troubles and the solution of the CPI .

I have scanned and uploaded it here in pdf format


Oct 1969 edition of “Young Worker” -Young Communist Group in Cork February 7, 2018

The October 1969 edition of “Young Worker” published by A Young Communist Group in Cork , who were affiliated with the ICO, (Irish Communist Organisation). Included are pieces on James Connollys activities in Cork, An INteresting Historical Analysis of The Republican Movement , a critique of a Marxist-Leninist group “Irish Revolutionary Youth”, pieces on Health and Agriculture.
I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf format here


“The Irish Free State and British Imperialism” by “Gerhard” September 7, 2017

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From the introduction….
“This booklet describes conditions under the Cosgrave government in the 1920’s and early 1930’s, conditions which led to its defeat and the rise to power of De Valera led Government in 1932…………………..With De Valera in power, the author of this booklet outlines the tasks for Irish communists and the communists of the oppressed state – Britain”

First published in The Communist International in 1932, this reprint is from 1976. I’ve scanned and uploaded it here


Leaflet for Michael O’Donnell -Communist Party of Ireland – Cork North East -2014 Local Elections April 27, 2014

A leaflet from Michael O’Donnell who is running for the Communist Party of Ireland in Cork North East for a seat on Cork City Council.
His website
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Leaflet for Paul Doran -Communist Party of Ireland – Clondalkin -2014 Local Elections April 23, 2014

A leaflet for Paul Doran who is running for The Communist Party of Ireland in Clondalkin for a seat on South Dublin County Council.
As far as I’m aware this is the first election that the CPI have contested since the 2002 NUI Seanad Election.
His website
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