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Happy Christmas December 24, 2016

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Just a note to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. As ever thanks also to the many of you that continue to send material and feed my hobby. Thanks Alan



James Tully -Labour Party -1954 General Election -Meath September 3, 2011

From the 1954 ads for former Labour Party deputy leader James Tully who was running in Meath. Tully who later served as a minister is probably best remembered by the term ‘Tullymander’ in reference to his 1974 revision of constituency boundaries. His record at



“Father Michael O’Flanagan -Republican Priest” -1954 Connolly Association Pamphlet by Desmond Greaves April 19, 2010

A lenghthy Pamphet produced by The Connolly Association in 1954 , “Father Michael O’Flanagan -Republican Priest”. Written by Desmond Greaves. It is the Story of his life with extracts from his speeches.
“The Staunchest Priest who ever lived in Ireland” wrote Count Plunkett.
A summary of Father Michael O’Flanagans life can be read here.



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