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Out of The Ashes Arose The Provisionals -Republican Christmas Card April 30, 2010

A christmas card produced, I assume by the Republican movement or Sinn Fein. I think its from the 70s or early 80s.
Aside from the  traditional ‘Nollaig faoi shean is faoi mhaise duit’ in the card there is also a quote from Marie Drumm.
‘We must take no steps backwards, our steps must be forward, for if we don’t our martyrs who died for you, for me, for this country, will haunt us for eternity’
Marie Drumm was a former vice president of Sinn Féin who was assinated whilst in hospital by Loyalists in 1976. She was also a commander in Cumann na mBan.
many thanks to the donor


3 Responses to “Out of The Ashes Arose The Provisionals -Republican Christmas Card”

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  2. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    I had a badge with the cover image on it, pretty sure I got it about 1980. I tried to recreate it on a wall but my ambition far outweighed my artistic ability so I painted over it and just went with ‘Brits Out’. Surprising they stayed after that effort!

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