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Leaflet from Bernadette McAliskey – February 1982 General Election -Dublin North Central December 15, 2021

A Leaflet from Bernadette McAliskey from the February 1982 General Election running in Dublin North Central. Running as a Peoples Democracy Sponsored candidate , she polled 2085 votes.

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“Socialist Action” Number 7 – Joe Harrington -Peoples Democracy – Limerick Ward 3 – 1985 Local Elections May 10, 2020

From the 1985 Local Elections, “Socialist Action” number 7 asking fora vote for Joe Harrington running for Peoples Democracy in Limerick Ward 3. Harrington was elected polling 589 votes.
Socialist Action no 7 in pdf

I have also uploaded “Socialist Action no 8” in pdf here

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“Make H-Block The Issue!” -Vincent Doherty -Peoples Democracy- 1981 General Election -Dublin North Central. June 6, 2016

From the 1981 General Election a leaflet from Vincent Doherty of Peoples Democracy running in Dublin North Central which was Charles Haugheys constituencey. The leaflet also has a message of support from Bernadette McAliskey.  He polled 1481 votes and missed out on a seat.
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Leaflet from Joe Harrington -Peoples Democracy – Limerick East 1992 General Election June 2, 2014

A leaflet from then Councillor Joe Harrington who was running on a Peoples Democracy ticket in Limerick East in the 1992 General Election. He polled 370 votes and failed to win a seat.
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“Remember ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972” – Christmas Card from Peoples Democracy 1972 April 22, 2012

“Remember ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972” a Christmas Card from the Peoples Democracy group in 1972.
More Information on Peoples Democracy Here and a number of Peoples Democracy Publications here
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