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“Change The Law -Give Him An Equal Chance” 1980 Young Fine Gael campaign to give rights to ‘illegitimate’ children November 11, 2013

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From April 1980 “Change The Law -Give Him An Equal Chance” a Young Fine Gael campaign to give rights to ‘illegitimate’ children.
Many thanks to the sender.


Happy Christmas …. December 25, 2011

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Happy Christmas ….
This is the front page of a newsletter from the UK Miners Strike I posted over on the CLR


From the 1977 Election a Fianna Fail ad -“The Coalition Shopping Basket” -“The Arabs put 12p on petrol- and the Coalition put 35p!” April 21, 2011

From the 1977 General Election campaign an ad from Fianna Fail about price rises since 1973 under the Fina Gael/Labour Coalition . Interesting to see the price rise in cigarettes and beer was less than amongst other items, butter, Tea, Potatoes and Fish Fingers.
We also get the nice line “The Arabs put 12p on petrol- and the Coalition put 35p!”


“You Will Never Get This Chance Again…” – “Vote Yes for Life” 1983 Abortion referendum December 16, 2010

From the 1983 Abortion Referendum some ads for a Yes Vote. The main Slogan being “You Will Never Get This Chance Again…” .
Little did they know…..

The referendum was Passed.



Christmas Cards from 1984 -“Support The Miners right to a Future” and “The Miners Fight is Your Fight” December 14, 2010

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Two of a series of Christmas cards produced in 1984 by Rhymney Valley Miners Support Group during the Miners Strike in Britain.
(I have two more which I shall post too -many thanks to the sender)
The First Card contains a poem entitled ‘Kids Questions’ which begins

amid the quiet of the night.
Children don’t understand this fight.
They don’t know or realise,
Why their dad has tears in his eyes….

The Second Card has a poem ‘The Death of a Lady’ which begins..

My GOD! What a legacy.
Dark grey hills of slag.
My valley was once beautiful,
now she’s an ugly broken hag….



“Centenary Celebrations of 1907 Dockers and Carters strike” -May Festival 2007 -ICTU December 10, 2010

From the May festival 2007 a programme for the “Centenary Celebrations of 1907 Dockers and Carters strike” in Belfast.
The story of the strike is told with details of Jim Larkins involvement,as well as photographs from the era.
There is also details of the various events being held around the city at the time.



Leaflet in Arabic urging a No vote in the Citizenship Referendum of 2004 September 26, 2010

From the Campaign Against the Racist Referendum a Leaflet in Arabic urging a No vote in the Citizenship Referendum of 2004.
The Referendum was passed. My Arabic isn’t great so I’m not too sure what the leaflet says..



“Creating a Soccer Strategy” -A Response by the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition September 8, 2010

From early 2002 a policy paper entitled, “Creating a Soccer Strategy” -A Response by the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition.
“Creating a Soccer Strategy” were the conclusions of a ministerial advisory committee which was published in December 2001. The committee included amongst others Martin O’Neill, Sammy McIlroy, Bryan Hamilton, Gerry Armstrong and Billy Hamilton.
Upon its launch the then Sports Minister Michael McGimspey said his initiative was not aimed at short-term solutions.
“I want us to visualise where we would like to see soccer in 10-15 years from now, and beyond, so that together we can map the way ahead and put our football on a firm footing for the future.”

Things have possibly got worse since.



Progressive Democrats Website in April 2001

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From April 2001 the Progressive Democrats Website. I found it using the wonderful which archives certain Internet sites.

Click on the image or HERE to enter the website…..
It might be slow and not all links will work, but a blast from the past all the same.


‘Fight Against Famine – More US WWI and WWII Posters August 28, 2010

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Another bunch of US world War Two posters from here.



“Eat More Irish Potatoes” and other US WWI and WWII Posters

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Not political, but ephemera all the same…..A small selection of fantastic posters I saw here.



“A Woman’s Place is Everywhere” Badges…. “Equal Pay Now” Poster July 23, 2010

First off many thanks to the sender.
A few images of Womens Liberation badges and a Sinn Fein poster for Equal pay.



Discussion Paper on Womens Affairs and Family Law Reform-1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis July 9, 2010

From the 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis in Cork a Discussion Paper on Women’s Affairs and Family Law Reform.
Some of the items mentioned illustrate how things have changed….
In the Law Reform area a number of initiatives have taken place, or will be implemented in the course of 1985, for example:
—the passing of the Health (Family Planning) Amendment Bill, 1985;
—the setting up of a Pilot Scheme for conciliation in family law cases (March 1985);
—the publication of the draft Illegitimacy Bill, which will provide for the elimination of discrimination against children born outside marriage;

and also how they haven’t changed…
—the publication of the Children’s (Care and Protection) Bill, 1985, which when effected, will implement many of the recommendations of the Task Force on Child Care services;


“Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster -1995 Divorce Referendum June 27, 2010

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Hello Divorce goodbye daddy
From the 1995 Divorce Referendum, a picture of the infamous “Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster/ Billboard campaign issued by the No Divorce Campaign. Not ‘goodbye Daddy’ but the childish ‘bye bye Daddy’
The Divorce Referendum was passed.


‘No To The Race To The Bottom’ -Socialist Party 2005 June 21, 2010

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From 2005 when  Irish Ferries attempted (successfully) to replace their crews with cheaper non unionised Labour.  Demands for lower workers pay from employers, wage deflation and so on.
This leaflet from the Socialist Party ‘No To The Race To The Bottom’ is opposed to such measure.



1945 Fianna Fail Election Leaflet for Dun Laoghaire Borough. June 14, 2010

First off many thanks to the sender.

A Fianna Fail leaflet from the 1945 Borough Council Elections in Dun Laoghaire. With the Presidential Election on the same day there is also a plea for voters to vote for Sean T O’Kelly.
Amongst the issues mentioned are Ground Rents, Housing, employment and the potential for Tourism in the Borough.

The candidate list is of great interest too.
Sean Brady (him at was a longstanding TD for the area.

Rogers, “Terry” was Ignatius Terence Rogers born in Roscommon, died in January 1968, an athlete, father of John Daniel Rogers (former amateur snooker champion) and Terence Ignatius Rogers (The Red Menace) bookmaker of some renown who was one of the first to open betting shops in England. He and his business partner sold their chain of offices to Ladbrokes thus making Terry Ireland’s youngest millionaire.

Hudson, “Brackie” was a relative of Sonny Hudson killed in Glasthule during the Civil war. Hudson Road in Glasthule was named after Sonny.

O h-Uadhaigh, Robert was a Barrister and the family had a law practise in Nassau Street up to the 1980’s.

Proud, Liam completed his studies, married Ann Daniel (her father was the Sub Agent and later Agent of Bank of Ireland, Anglesea Buildings, Dun Laoghaire) his son is a pianist. Liam Proud was also an Artist.

Michael O’Rourke had O’Rourkes Chemist in Dun Laoghaire. O Rourkes Park in Sallynoggin is named after him .

Matthew Cullen, Patrick Gallagher, Michael Kennedy and Oliver Moriarty were the other candidates.

Thanks also to contributors at for helping with the History of the candidates.



Young Fine Gael – Futureline -Autumn 1992 -includes Condom articles and John Bruton interview April 29, 2010

I’m not sure if this is a supplement to the October 1992 edition of Futureline or if it was an edition produced by itself (and I’m missing the cover?). Futureline was (is?) a Young Fine Gael Magazine.
The main focus of this is an interview with John Bruton. We also have amongst other things an editorial from a Young Brian Hayes (The New National Youth and Education Officer),  items on condoms and stuff on the Rio summit.
The items on condoms by Colm Brophy and John Armstrong are especially interesting and give an insight into the time.

If you cant see the full image click on it (I’ll have to start doing pdf files for some of these soon)



Leaflet from the 1954 General Election January 22, 2010

Another item received from a most kind donor.  The prices are in old old money and from brief calculations the increases are bad.
Amongst the things to go up in price were Cigarettes (can you imagine any party giving out about that now) and the Wireless licence. The bread in the picture is what looks like a batch loaf (none of your sliced pans back then!) and all the other staples of tea, butter, flour, sugar and porter are there too. 

I actually don’t know what party issued this though, other than it mustn’t have been Fianna Fail.  I presume it’s from the 1954 General Election also.
Any ideas?


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