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Leaflet from Sean Fitzpatrick, Tom O’Brien, Donal O’Sullivan -Labour – Dublin County South- 1969 General Election March 24, 2015

From the 1969 General Election a leaflet from Labour Party Dublin County South Candidates Sean Fitzpatrick, Tom O’Brien and Donal O’Sullivan. The leaflet also shows the policies of Labour for that 1969 Election. None of the three were elected. Donal O’Sullivan polled 2,300 votes, Sean Fitzpatrick 1814 and Tom O’Brien 830 votes.




Some Oliver J Flanagan pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflets December 13, 2013

A bumper post of pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflets that Charlie Flanagan kindly pictured and sent me (many thanks again).
The first two pictures are from the 1969 General Election Campaign.
Then we  have a 1981 General Election flyer from Oliver J Flanagan, Johny Butterfield, Tom Enright and Charlie McDonald (Oliver J Flanagan and Tom Enright were elected  result here).
Then the front page of the Irish Times from August 18th 1953 where Oliver J ‘took his jacket off’ ! , he was campaigning in the Galway South By Election.
The a great clipping of Charlie Flanagan and Brian Cowen from the 1987 General Election Campaign.
Then some invites to the 1975 and also the 1976 Fine Gael Ard Fheis.
Finally a picture from the 1966 Presidential Platform.



From 1969 “Let’s build the New Republic…..this time vote Labour” October 10, 2013

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From the 1969 General Election a Labour Party ad that appeared in the June 1969 edition of Woman’s Way magazine. “Let’s build the New Republic…..this time vote Labour” . Pictured is Brendan Corish with School Children with the text focusing on emigration and Labours plans for full employment.
Many thanks to the sender.


From Fine Gael 1969 “Wouldn’t you like a better Social Welfare system?” July 25, 2013

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From the 1969 General Election campaign an ad from Fine Gael from Womens Way Magazine. The Ad features Richie Ryan the ‘shadow minister of health an Social Welfare’ asking the question “Wouldn’t you like a better Social Welfare system?” and giving the answer in various proposed changes from Fine Gael.
Many thanks to the sender.


From 1969 a list of ITGWU members standing for Labour July 4, 2012

From the 1969 General Election, the ITGWU advertise the Labour candidates standing in the election that were members of the union. There were 32 ITGWU members listed , amongst them Conor Cruise O’Brien, David Thornley, Dan Spring and Brendan Corish.


“Remember When There Was No Housing Problem?” -Fianna Fail 1969 General Election February 13, 2012

“Remember When There Was No Housing Problem?” ask Fianna Fail from the 1969 General Election. The amount of houses built, the speed of house building and other feats that were the hallmark of our recent construction boom are all mentioned.
We also have the slogan “Let’s Back Jack”.


From Cavan 1969 “Fianna Fail Stands For Progress And Prosperity” October 16, 2011

From the 1969 General Election in Cavan “Fianna Fail Stands For Progress And Prosperity”. The Fianna Fail candidates were Paddy Smith, Richard Black and Seamus Dolan with Smith being elected.
There are attacks on Fine Gael and Labour including that

“Labour wants to disgrace us in the eyes of the world by opening an embassy in Cuba a Communist Dictatorship in Latin America”


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