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From 1969 Two Labour Ads aimed at Farmers July 16, 2018

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From the 1969 General Election, two ads aimed at the Farming Community from Labour with Brendan Corish pictured talking to those involved in agriculture with the “Let’s build the New Republic” Slogan.



“Fianna Fail has milked the dairy farmers” – Fine Gael 1981 General Election November 5, 2011

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From the 1981 General Election Fine Gael looking for the farming vote. “Fine Gael subsidies will help you increase production -bring you up to the Mark Clinton standard”.
Mark Clinton was the Fine Gael Minister that negotiated Irelands entry to the Common Agricultural Policy.


‘Fight Against Famine – More US WWI and WWII Posters August 28, 2010

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Another bunch of US world War Two posters from here.



Vote to Protect Family Farms- Richard Kennedy -IFA Presidential Election 2009 July 14, 2010

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Unusual , but of I thought would be of interest. A leaflet from Richard Kennedy running in the 2009 election for President of the Irish Farmers Association.
Kennedys leaflet is focused in the main on the issues affecting Dairy Farmers. (I dont know if there were specific leaflets for specific sectors).
The winner of the contest John Bryan was (I’m told) focused on the import of Brazilian Beef.



Mairead McGuinness Letter to electors -Fine Gael -2004 European Elections- East December 23, 2009

It was quite a coup when Fine Gael secured Journalist and TV presenter, Mairead McGuinness on its ‘East’ ticket for the 2004 European Elections. A hard-fought campaign and rivalry between herself and Avril Doyle led to Fine Gael winning two of the three seats on offer. McGuinness topping the poll with just over a quota.


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