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From Fine Gael 1969 “Wouldn’t you like a better Social Welfare system?” July 25, 2013

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From the 1969 General Election campaign an ad from Fine Gael from Womens Way Magazine. The Ad features Richie Ryan the ‘shadow minister of health an Social Welfare’ asking the question “Wouldn’t you like a better Social Welfare system?” and giving the answer in various proposed changes from Fine Gael.
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Fianna Fail – ‘The Best Deal on Tax’, ‘The Best Deal on Social Welfare’ 1992 September 14, 2009

Two Leaflets from the 1992 General Election.  Taxes were still very high.  By referencing the introduction of Free Travel, Free fuel etc they were showing that they were on the side of the ordinary person. A far cry from their image today.

The price of drink was important back then. Fianna Fail had only put 1p on the pint in five years whilst the Coalition had put 11p on the pint!


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