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Some Oliver J Flanagan pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflets December 13, 2013

A bumper post of pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflets that Charlie Flanagan kindly pictured and sent me (many thanks again).
The first two pictures are from the 1969 General Election Campaign.
Then we  have a 1981 General Election flyer from Oliver J Flanagan, Johny Butterfield, Tom Enright and Charlie McDonald (Oliver J Flanagan and Tom Enright were elected  result here).
Then the front page of the Irish Times from August 18th 1953 where Oliver J ‘took his jacket off’ ! , he was campaigning in the Galway South By Election.
The a great clipping of Charlie Flanagan and Brian Cowen from the 1987 General Election Campaign.
Then some invites to the 1975 and also the 1976 Fine Gael Ard Fheis.
Finally a picture from the 1966 Presidential Platform.



Paddy Cooney, Charlie McDonald -Fine Gael -1989 European Elections Leinster December 22, 2009

From the 1989 European Elections Leinster. Paddy Cooney and Charlie McDonald.
Cooney was Minister for Justice in the 1973 to 77 Coalition government and later served as Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, Minister for Transport, Minister for Defence and Minister for Education. He was elected to the Dail in 1970 for Longford Westmeath, lost his seat in 1977, regained it in 1981 and held it until 1989 when (in the election the flyer is from) he won a seat in The European Parliament.
Charlie McDonald had a number of spells in the Seanad and also in the European Parliament. He served one Dail term from 1973 to 1977 for Laois Offaly.
Fine Gael emphasised their link to the Christian Democrats to imply that they had a bigger influence than Fianna Fail in the European Parliament.



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