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Discussion Paper on Womens Affairs and Family Law Reform-1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis July 9, 2010

From the 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis in Cork a Discussion Paper on Women’s Affairs and Family Law Reform.
Some of the items mentioned illustrate how things have changed….
In the Law Reform area a number of initiatives have taken place, or will be implemented in the course of 1985, for example:
—the passing of the Health (Family Planning) Amendment Bill, 1985;
—the setting up of a Pilot Scheme for conciliation in family law cases (March 1985);
—the publication of the draft Illegitimacy Bill, which will provide for the elimination of discrimination against children born outside marriage;

and also how they haven’t changed…
—the publication of the Children’s (Care and Protection) Bill, 1985, which when effected, will implement many of the recommendations of the Task Force on Child Care services;


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