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“Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster -1995 Divorce Referendum June 27, 2010

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Hello Divorce goodbye daddy
From the 1995 Divorce Referendum, a picture of the infamous “Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster/ Billboard campaign issued by the No Divorce Campaign. Not ‘goodbye Daddy’ but the childish ‘bye bye Daddy’
The Divorce Referendum was passed.


One Response to ““Hello Divorce….. Bye Bye Daddy….” Poster -1995 Divorce Referendum”

  1. i hate that my parents aren’t together i feel lost and i cant ever see my daddy even on the holidays we live to far away and my life feels incomplete with out him.some times i wonder why but what happens has happens and we cant ever go back and change if i could i wouldn’t be like i am now what if one day my daddy dies and i am not there for him that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me and in my life i cant choose who i can lie with im not the same little girl but im more scared and worried about what may happen and who will i turn out as a yong adult every one says that this will only make me stronger so i try anyway and i hate it.

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