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Ruairi Quinn -Labour Party -2002 Dublin South East March 29, 2010

From the 2002 General Election campaig n in Dublin South East, the then Labour Party leader Ruairi Quinn. Quinn was comfotably elected.
The image of Ruair Quinn waving whilst Kevin Humphreys, Mary Freehill and Dermot Lacey stay cool and calm is one I’ve always liked.


2 Responses to “Ruairi Quinn -Labour Party -2002 Dublin South East”

  1. Keith Says:

    Not entirely comfortably elected – he only got the last seat in DSE. However, the next person (Frances FitzGerald) was some distance back, so he wasn’t in particular danger.

  2. Dan Waits Says:

    The old adage is true; “When America sneezes, Ireland gets the flu” This is a link to an interview with William Black the economist who sorted out the savings and loan scandal in the U.S. which resulted from President Regan’s loosening of regulation at the time. Whilst he’s talking about the financial crisis in the USA, the rhetoric is identical to what we’re currently being fed here in Ireland. It’s a bit long (45 mins), but frighteningly revealing;

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