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A ‘SPUC OFF’ poster from SAC circa 1987 December 6, 2013

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A ‘SPUC OFF’ poster from SAC circa 1987, they appeared in Dublin around 1987 along with another poster “THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” Details of that poster and SAC here.
SPUC were The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children which were very active in the 1983 Abortion Referendum and afterwards (here’s a 1991 SPUC Leaflet on Abortion Information)
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“THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” – SAC poster from 1987 May 31, 2011

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First off many thanks to the sender. This poster is from a group called SAC and appeared over Dublin in the mid 80s (1987?) .
“THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” was a play on an ad for a popular detergent. The image also has nuns and priests going down the toilet.

More details about the poster and SAC in the clippings from Hot Press below the poster.



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