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Dermot Tobin- Workers Party -Wicklow 1989 December 21, 2009

Dermot Tobins literature from the 1989 General Election. Times were not unlike today, with fiscal considerations the main issue.
A public jobs scheme is suggested, De Rossas message to the electorate is almost as relevant today as it was back than.
Tobin polled a disappointing 2049 votes down 1500 from John McManus two years previously.



Liz McManus, Dermot Tobin, Anne Egan -Workers Party 1991 Local Elections -Bray September 24, 2009

From the 1991 local elections, a leaflet for Liz McManus, Dermot Tobin, and Anne Egan running for The Workers Party in Bray.
We also have a smiling Prionsias De Rossa pictured with a happy family. The Workers Party with a new logo and leaflet design. They went back to the old logo (or something very similar) after the split.

“Anne is well known as a Lollipop lady..” .

Liz Mc Manus



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