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“Water is a Human Right” Leaflet from Michael Finnegan , Lorraine Hennessy -Workers Party – Lucan / Clondalkin May 16, 2014

“Water is a Human Right” a leaflet from Workers Party Lucan and Clondalkin candidates Michael Finnegan and Lorraine Hennessy.
Michael Finnegans Facebook Page
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“Water Tax Will Sink Households” Leaflet from Paul Murphy -Socialist Party -Dublin February 18, 2014

“Water Tax Will Sink Households” a leaflet from Dublin Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy. It points out the expense of water charges to households and the ideology behind water charges. It also has an endorsement from Joe Higgins for Paul Murphy.
Paul Murphys Website



Éirígí -‘Poblacht na nOibrithe’ -Earrach 2013 …”Home and Water Taxes Must be Stopped” February 19, 2013

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A leaflet from Éirígí,’Poblacht na nOibrithe’ Earrach 2013 …”Home and Water Taxes Must be Stopped” and a piece on the Eater rising.
Below the leaflet I’ve also included the video “Water Meter Sabotage – An éirígí Step by Step Guide ”
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New Eirigi leaflet



“Dun Laoghaire Newsletter.. Water Rates Abolished:” -Eamon Gilmore -Democratic Left- 1997 General Election Dun Laoghaire July 24, 2012

From the 1997 General Election “Dun Laoghaire Newsletter” from then Minister of State for the Marine and Democratic Left TD Eamon Gilmore running in Dun Laoghaire. The leaflet boasts of Water Rates being abolished.
“Water rates were a form of double taxation on PAYE workers and an unsatisfactory way of funding local Councils” said Gilmore. The leaflet also mentions job creating, outside toilets and crime.
In this 1997 election Gilmore polled 7,534 votes and held the seat he first won in 1989.



Campaign against Household & Water Taxes January Newsletter January 24, 2012

The January 2012 Newsletter from the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes.
Uploaded in pdf HERE or click on the image to launch.


Tony Gregory Leaflets from 1991 and 1992 November 28, 2011

Two old leaflets from the late Tony Gregory. One from the 1991 Local Elections and the second I think from 1992.



“Can’ Pay -Won’t Pay” Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes Autumn/Winter 2011 Newsletter November 10, 2011

A copy of the ‘Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes’ Autumn/Winter 2011 Newsletter.
Their Website



“Water Charges will squeeze families dry” – Sinn Fein ‘No Water Charges Campaign’ Newsletter September 26, 2011

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A ‘No Water Charges Campaign’ newsletter as part of the Sinn Fein anti water charges campaign.
The website
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Leaflet for Paddy Mulcahy -Independent -Cork North Central -1997 General Election February 28, 2011

From the 1997 General Election a leaflet for Independent Anti Service Charges candidate Paddy Mulcahy running in Cork North Central. Mulcahy who was active in the anti Bin Tax campaign and spent time in jail for his actions polled 889 votes.
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Sinn Fein anti Water Charges Leaflet September 11, 2010

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I just think this is so simple and effective. They were left around shopping centres and were the same size as a 500 euro note!
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Lisa Maher -Socialist Party -1997 Dublin South March 20, 2010

From the 1997 General Election in Dublin South, Socialist Party candidate Lisa Maher who got 624 votes. In the 2004 Local elections Lisa Maher missed out on a seat by 84 votes.
She was prominent in the Federation of Dublin Anti Water Charges Campaigns and in this election she stood as part of the Taxation Justice Alliance which included the Socialist Party as well as some other candidates such as Owen Poole.



Eamonn McCann- Socialist Environmental Alliance -2005 Foyle February 24, 2010

An election flyer from the 2005 UK Westminister Elections in the Foyle Constituency, Socialist Environmental Alliance (SEA) candidate Eamonn McCann. He received 1,649 votes.
A veteran campaigner, the well known Eamonn McCann ‘has been active in left-wing politics for more than 40 years. He was a member of the Labour Party in the 1960s and provided a strong socialist voice in the early civil rights movement. He first stood for Foyle in 1969. He has been involved ever since in challenging the abuse of State power, particularly in relation to Bloody Sunday.He is a campaigner for the rights of children and disabled people, and against sexism, racism and homophobia.
He is a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party, chairman of the local branch of the NUJ, vice-chairman of Derry Trades Council and a member of Amnesty International. …and lives in Derry with his partner, Goretti Horgan’

‘The SEA offers a better way. The more emphasis we give to the issues which unite us, the better we can handle the issues which divide us.’



Martin Walsh -Socialist Party -1997 GE Dublin South Central January 27, 2010

Martin Walsh of The Socialist Party in Dublin South Central in the 1997 General Election. Martin Walsh polled 328 votes. Walsh a shop steward at Packard Electrical in Tallaght from 1987 to 1996 and also had a role with the ATGWU.
Leaflet mentions some of the scandals of the time such as the Hepatitis C and Lowry/Dunne affair.



“How many Councillors does it take to turn off The Water Tax?”-Democratic Left -1994 January 25, 2010

The Democratic Left were opposed to Water charges, Water Tax or Water Rates. They wanted to put pressure on other councillors to oppose them too.
Looking at the previous years vote thats shown, some Fine Gael and Fianna Fail voted against the charges.
The Government were seen to be bringing in these extra taxes whilst at the same time having the Tax Amnesty.
In 1985 the Councils in Dublin, following the election of councillors such as The Democratic Lefts Eamon Gilmore…….” took a bit of phrasing considering Gilmore was elected for The Workers Party.



Joe Higgins- Militant Labour- (Leaflet 2) 1996 Dublin West By-Election December 15, 2009

Another Joe Higgins Leaflet from the 1996 Dublin West By-Election. This time Ballyfermot focused. It was the election that put Joe on the map, as he came close to winning the seat won by our current Finance Minister Brian Lenihan.
He asks Voters to vote for him and ‘Other Genuine Left Wing Candidates’ which is fairly uncommon.
We also learn that in 1996 a TD earned £32,000 a year. In 1983 it was £16,400 a year .What is it now?


Joe Higgins- Militant Labour -1996 Dublin West By-Election (Leaflet 1 -Water Charges) December 1, 2009

Joe Higgins from the 1996 Dublin West by election, where Brian Lenihan junior won the seat caused by the death of his father Brian Lenihan senior.
Joe was standing for Militant Labour (the forerunner of the Socialist Party) and caused a major shock when he polled just 252 first preferences less than Brian Lenihan.
He was running on an Anti Water Charges platform and must have been very annoyed to find that his Water charges had been paid for him by the council!!



Owen Poole -Anti Water Charges Campaign 1997 Dublin North-East November 10, 2009

From the 1997 General Election, Anti Water Charges candidate Owen Poole running in Dublin North East.
The ‘template’ for this was also used by The Socialist Party in 1997, although as they were against the Water Charges it may have been a common template.

Poole polled 641 votes.




Communist Party of Ireland -Anti Water Rates pamphlet from 1983 September 9, 2009

‘Pull The Plug On The Water Rates Fraud’ ask the Communist Party of Ireland in a leaflet from around 1983.  With Water Rates supposedly on their way back, its worth a read.
There is a Join The Communist Party Form at the back.



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