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Leaflet for Paddy Mulcahy -Independent -Cork North Central -1997 General Election February 28, 2011

From the 1997 General Election a leaflet for Independent Anti Service Charges candidate Paddy Mulcahy running in Cork North Central. Mulcahy who was active in the anti Bin Tax campaign and spent time in jail for his actions polled 889 votes.
Many thanks to the sender.


4 Responses to “Leaflet for Paddy Mulcahy -Independent -Cork North Central -1997 General Election”

  1. Fintan O'Mahony Says:

    Paddy was also very active in the ASTI and came within a couple of votes of winning the election for President. He sadly died last year. RIP

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  4. Budapestkick Says:

    Indeed. There was huge respect for him in the northside. When he died there was a minutes silence during one of the Save the Orthopaedic marches in his honour. A sign of his popularity.

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