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Ad from Labour Councillor Denis O’Callaghan with No Labour Party Logo. August 28, 2013

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An ad without a Labour Party logo from Labour Party Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Councillor Denis O’Callaghan from a recent ‘Community newsletter’ produced in Ballybrack. The newsletter had ad for other politicians also.
Many thanks to the sender.



“How many Councillors does it take to turn off The Water Tax?”-Democratic Left -1994 January 25, 2010

The Democratic Left were opposed to Water charges, Water Tax or Water Rates. They wanted to put pressure on other councillors to oppose them too.
Looking at the previous years vote thats shown, some Fine Gael and Fianna Fail voted against the charges.
The Government were seen to be bringing in these extra taxes whilst at the same time having the Tax Amnesty.
In 1985 the Councils in Dublin, following the election of councillors such as The Democratic Lefts Eamon Gilmore…….” took a bit of phrasing considering Gilmore was elected for The Workers Party.



Marian White -Workers Party 1991 LE -Blackrock November 11, 2009

Two leaflets, the first coming after the election.
On the front Marian White thanks voters, she came within 28 votes of winning a seat in Blackrock (First Count Details Here). It illustrates the inroads made by the Workers Party at the time and the future potential.
On the reverse we have Eamon Gilmore proclaiming ‘In Dun Laoghaire The Workers Party are Winning’ detailing the vote increase and election of himself, Denis O’Callaghan, Colm Breathnach and how close Marian White came to being elected.
The Second leaflet was ‘and the last shall be first’…..




Featuring a cool looking Eamon Gilmore….Workers Party 1991 – ‘Do You Remember 1985?” September 30, 2009

Its from the back of a Marian White Leaflet (the lady on the left of the picture). Its eyecatching to say the least.
Colm Breathnach, Denis O’Callaghan and Eamon Gilmore were elected.


‘New Agenda’ (post Workers Party pre Democratic Left) -Eamon Gilmore, Colm Breathnach and Denis O’Callaghan Letter. September 8, 2009

This is a letter Sent by Eamon Gilmore, Colm Breathnach and Denis O’Callaghan post 1992 Workers Party Split. It outlines the policies  and aims of the group. Polices look like those of The Workers Party but without the Democratic Centralism.

The breakway group  were initailly called ‘New Agenda’ and contested the 1992 Westminister Elections under that name. However the name didn’t last long and the party called then itself  ‘The Democratic Left’, which itself joined the Labour Party in 1998.




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