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Communist Party of Ireland -Anti Water Rates pamphlet from 1983 September 9, 2009

‘Pull The Plug On The Water Rates Fraud’ ask the Communist Party of Ireland in a leaflet from around 1983.  With Water Rates supposedly on their way back, its worth a read.
There is a Join The Communist Party Form at the back.


One Response to “Communist Party of Ireland -Anti Water Rates pamphlet from 1983”

  1. cullen Says:

    water charges via private water schemes should be immediately abolished when the committee members refuse to no. 1 show the paid up members the books and no. 2 people should refuse to pay the water rates when no bank account and reference number is provided. when we discover that this year 2010 the rate has gone up by 80% to me this is a serious percentage increase particularly in the west of ireland. for any person to have to pay an 80% increase for single dwelling use with no metre installed is a national disgrace to this small island of ours ,when one has the knowledge that not all people have to pay the charges .I don’t see any equality for the people in this unjust water-charges policy for something that is very much a natural resource and now is turned into a comodity and small business to line pockets of the new water-lords. i would welcome comments on this issue .Frances.

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