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First Dail 1919 -Poster with picture of each member. February 25, 2010

This wonderful poster was produced by Michael Finneran TD to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the First Dail.
It contains a scene from the Dail as well as pictures of each of the members.
(Thanks to Liam Byrne for sending me this)
Click on the poster to enlarge


7 Responses to “First Dail 1919 -Poster with picture of each member.”

  1. dfallon Says:

    Never seen this before,excellent piece. You sometimes forget how young the likes of Liam Mellows were. Some rare images among those headshots.

  2. DominicPex Says:


  3. M&M Says:

    God be with the days! Cosgrave and deValera in the same party and a brave new world ahead.

  4. Mícheál Watters Says:

    Hi where could I get a copy of this poster to buy. Thanks

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