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Initiations to the 1993 and 1997 Democratic Left Annual Delegate Conferences May 3, 2021

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Initiations to the 1993 and 1997 Democratic Left Annual Delegate Conferences. Many thanks to teh sender.


“De Rossa Wins, Dublin Wins” Proinsias De Rossa -Workers Party -1989 European Elections -Dublin May 23, 2016

“De Rossa Wins, Dublin Wins” a large leaflet from Proinsias De Rossa of the Workers’ Party from the 1989 European Elections in Dublin. De Rossa was elected.
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Proinsias DeRossa -Democratic Left -1997 General Election- Dublin North West June 4, 2011

From the 1997 General Election a leaflet from then leader of Democratic Left Proinsias DeRossa who was running in Dublin North West. De Rossa was one of the six Workers Party TDs who left to form what was initially called New Agenda and became Democratic Left. In this 1997 Election Democratic Left had been part of the outgoing Rainbow Government.
In this election DeRossa held his seat.



1986 letter from The Workers Party to the Communist Party of The Soviet Union (CPSU) looking for Funds July 8, 2010

First off many many thanks to the Sender for this. (and donations always welcome)
(I’m also assuming that this letter is real)
A 1986 letter from The Workers Party to the Communist Party of The Soviet Union (CPSU) looking for “a grant of one million pounds (Irish) over the proposed five year development period in order to assist.. in this vital and urgent task, which we believe will be Of benefit to the world struggle for Peace, Freedom, and Socialism.
The letter is signed by Proinsias De Rossa and Sean Garland.

Amongst other things it gives a background to where the party were, their view of Ireland at the time and outlines what they would spend funds on.
There is also a mention of ‘Special Activities’.
Some of this has been detailed in The Lost Revolution.

As its hard to read in places, the text is underneath each page.

Dear Comrade,
The Executive of the Workers Party of Ireland, on the occasion of a visit to Moscow of the General Secretary, Sean Garland, and Vice-President and Chairperson Executive Political Committee, Councillor Proinsias De Rossa TD, wishes to convey its warm regards and fraternal greetings to the Central Committee and members of the C.P.S.U. and to address this important and urgent message to you.

Though it has been a relatively short time since our two parties established relations in December ’83, each year has seen more contact and understanding leading to more positive development and to a better
overall understanding of the two parties objectives strategies and tactics. In regard to the basic fundamentals, of objectives and tasks in the world today, there is we believe a common analysis and a common approach.
We know that you are quite familiar with the general situation in Ireland, just as we ourselves, keep informed as to developments in the Soviet Union and throughout the world. We would however like to briefly sketch for you the present and immediate future situation in Ireland as we see it.

In the Republic of Ireland the continuing economic Crisis is making the coalition government of Fine Gael and Labour very unstable. The parliament has only one year to run but many Observers are now predicting the possibility of a General election this November or early next spring. The government has lost the confidence of the majority of the people, of business, of the trade unions, and even of many of its members both inside and outside parliament. The Main opposition party, Fianna Fail, is expected to table a motion of ‘no confidence’ in the government



Leaflet for Ivana Bacik- Labour Party -2004 European Elections Dublin July 7, 2010

From the 2004 European Elections a leaflet for Labour Party candidate in Dublin Ivana Bacik. She polled 40,707 votes and missed out on a seat.
The Trinity Lecturer having stood a number of times previously, she was elected as an Independent to the Seanad in 2007. In 2009 she again stood for Labour in the Dublin Central by-election.



‘Euro-Dub’ -Des Geraghty freesheet -Democratic Left Summer 1993 April 28, 2010

From the summer of 1993 a freesheet produced by Des Geraghty of Democratic Left called ‘Euro-Dub’ (not exactly the catchiest title). Geraghty , who had stood unsuccessfully in the 1984 European Elections for The Workers Party, was co-opted to replace Prionsias De Rossa as MEP in the Summer of 1992. In effect this freesheet was advertising the fact that he was now the MEP. I’m not sure what the situation was in 1994 when it was Pat Rabbitte rather than Geraghty who fought the Euro Election in Dublin for The Democratic Left.
The paper argues that Dublin was neglected, that a lot of the EU money went elsewhere in the country than Dublin. There is an attack on The Dirty Dozen
Theres an interesting article ‘Culture on the Dole’ written by ‘Joxer Daly’. I presume to illustrate that the Democratic Left were not just concerned with the peoples economic wellbeing but also with their quality of life.
The in brief mentions amongst other items, the dispute at Pat the Baker, Sellafield and a new CD ‘Step by Step’ by the Work and Play Band. There is also a further indication of culture with a competition to win the Roddy Doyle book ‘Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha’.
I have yet to perfect pdfs so you’ll need to click on the image to read the pages.



“De Rossa Delivers”- Proinsias De Rossa -Democratic Left -1997 GE Dublin North West April 4, 2010

From the 1997 General Election campaign, A leaflet from Democratic Left Leader Proinsias De Rossa running in Dublin North West. The leaflet lists the achievemenst of The Rainbow Government both nationally and locally.
Issues covered include the regeneration of Ballymun, ‘A Northside light Rail system …is planned’, ‘Control of horses act has been introduced’, ‘Local community groups… have recieved significant funding’.




Proinsias De Rossa, Ivana Bacik -Labour -2004 European Elections -Dublin January 30, 2010

From the 2004 European Elections in Dublin. Labour candidates Proinsias De Rossa and Ivana Bacik. DeRossa was elected.
From the blurb Proinsias DeRossa must have been very busy in Brussells.



Proinsias DeRossa – Workers Party Euro 89 October 16, 2009

The 1989 Euro elections, a breakthrough as Proinsias DeRossa wins the seat. The style and content of this leaflet was refered to in ‘The Lost Revolution’. The centrepiece where he has the three people was novel at the time.
“Sean is from the Southside ..Dolores is from the Northside..” I wonder where they are now?

Also the leaflet is addressed to my family rather than to each of the then 5 voters in the house. Similar for the Workers Party General election Candidate, probably illustrates how tight funds were at the time.




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