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Flyer from Jane Ohlmeyer Trinity Provost Election 2011 June 21, 2011

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This is slightly off the beaten track election wise. I didn’t even know there was an election for Provost of Trinity until I was contacted and asked if I’d like some leaflets from that election (Many thanks to the sender). I’m fairly sure the electorate is fairly small but thought this might be of interest.
This is a leaflet from Jane Ohlmeyer, currently the Erasmus Smith’s Professor of Modern History at Trinity College Dublin, which was part of her campaign to become Provost.
I’ve leaflets from other candidates which I’ll post in due course.



“Kiss With Your Eyes Closed -Vote With Your Eyes Open” -Ivana Bacik -2004 Euro Elections September 16, 2010

From the 2004 European Elections flyers from Labour candidate Ivana Bacik. She failed to win a seat.
The flyers caused a bit of a stir at the time given the association between kissing and voting. They were distributed in pubs and clubs during the campaign.
The sender (many thanks) notes “..original Ivana Bacik postcard from Euro election 2004. This version was used as a postcard, a large version was used for washroom adverts. The reverse side of this postcard has a sticker that was used at a post – election thank you event.”
I gather the initial flyers (a the bottom of the post)  I posted were an online one.



Anthony O’Donnell -Seanad 2002 University of Dublin June 1, 2010

From the 2002 Seanad Election for the 3 University of Dublin seats a leaflet from Anthony O’Donnell.
Anthony O’Donnell polled 142 votes.
A former Deputy President of TCD Students Union, in 2009 he won a seat for Fine Gael on Kildare County Council for the Kildare LEA.



Declan Boland- Independent -Seanad 2002 February 16, 2010

Boston based Declan Boland ‘s leaflet from the 2002 Seanad Election for the University of Dublin. He recieved 98 votes.
His platform included representing the Irish overseas community.



Proinsias De Rossa, Ivana Bacik -Labour -2004 European Elections -Dublin January 30, 2010

From the 2004 European Elections in Dublin. Labour candidates Proinsias De Rossa and Ivana Bacik. DeRossa was elected.
From the blurb Proinsias DeRossa must have been very busy in Brussells.



Shane Ross -2002 Seanad December 30, 2009

Letter from Shane Ross to TCD graduates with “Business or Computer backgrounds ” . Amongst whats covered is Ross claiming partial responsibility for changing the “tax rules, to give employees of hi-tech companies incentives by way of attractive options…”


Rosaleen McDonagh – Seanad Trinity 2002 October 11, 2009

Rosaleen McDonagh, the first Traveller to seek election to the Seanad. Rosaleen McDonagh stood in both the 2002 and 2007 Seanad elections. Whilst not being close to winning a seat, she finished far ahead of many candidates on both occasions.





















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