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‘Euro-Dub’ -Des Geraghty freesheet -Democratic Left Summer 1993 April 28, 2010

From the summer of 1993 a freesheet produced by Des Geraghty of Democratic Left called ‘Euro-Dub’ (not exactly the catchiest title). Geraghty , who had stood unsuccessfully in the 1984 European Elections for The Workers Party, was co-opted to replace Prionsias De Rossa as MEP in the Summer of 1992. In effect this freesheet was advertising the fact that he was now the MEP. I’m not sure what the situation was in 1994 when it was Pat Rabbitte rather than Geraghty who fought the Euro Election in Dublin for The Democratic Left.
The paper argues that Dublin was neglected, that a lot of the EU money went elsewhere in the country than Dublin. There is an attack on The Dirty Dozen
Theres an interesting article ‘Culture on the Dole’ written by ‘Joxer Daly’. I presume to illustrate that the Democratic Left were not just concerned with the peoples economic wellbeing but also with their quality of life.
The in brief mentions amongst other items, the dispute at Pat the Baker, Sellafield and a new CD ‘Step by Step’ by the Work and Play Band. There is also a further indication of culture with a competition to win the Roddy Doyle book ‘Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha’.
I have yet to perfect pdfs so you’ll need to click on the image to read the pages.



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