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Dr John Corish -Independent -Kildare North 2007 General Election. April 20, 2010

From the 2007 General Election in Kildare North, Independent candidate Doctor John Corish.
Amongst his polices, he was looking for a 500 Bed Teaching Hospital in Naas and a New Medical School for NUI Maynooth.
He polled 234 votes.



Democratic Left-‘Are Students Getting Value for Money?’ February 16, 2010

A leaflet advertising a Democratic Left Public forum in Maynooth addressed by Eamon Gilmore. The topic ‘Are Students Getting Value for Money?’. I suspect that it was 1992 although I’m not certain.
The usual issues of Grants and facilities are mentioned.


Sean ‘Buggy’ Horan -Independent -1991 Local Elections Celbridge LEA January 29, 2010

Sean ‘Buggy’ Horan was one of the characters around Maynooth in the late 80s and known to many who frequented ‘The Roost’.
This is Buggy Horans 1991 leaflet where he contested in the Celbridge Local Electoral area. (The result on

He sadly passed away in early 2012


Fianna Fail – Sean Lemass Cumann Maynooth -‘Be a Driver not a Passenger’ leaflet from 1991 November 16, 2009

A leaflet from the Sean Lemass Cumann in Maynoth, explaining why they are so important . It also has an Ad form the ‘Highlight of the Cumann’s year’ .. the annual Ogra Fianna Fail conference…..  Admission  included to the  ‘BRILL. Party and Disco’….
The 1991 conference took place in Cork.



Fine Gael- Bernard Durkan, Gerard Callery, Catherine McGarry- Celbridge LEA 1991 October 20, 2009

Not too many candidates these days would include beagling in their hobbies and interests as Catherine McGarry does.



‘Workers Party News and Views’ – Kildare 1990 October 14, 2009

In the late 80’s North Kildare was seen a major growth area of the Workers Party. In 1988 Catherine Murphy and Colm Purcell (who later joined Labour) had been elected to Leixlip Town Commission, although Murphy didn’t do brilliantly in the following years General and European Elections. The recently formed Maynooth branch get a mention at the back. Among them Fiachra O Ceilleachair who served as a Democratic Left and later a Labour councillor in Waterford. Also there is Geography lecturer Prionsias Breathnach who is still a regular contributor to various publications (as well as his own).

1989s marked shift in party policy is illustrated by the welcome given to Intel. Not just that but we have Catherine Murphy acting as a conduit for Intel recruiters. What we also see here is that Water Quality issues are not a recent thing!




Kildare Labour News- December 1989- Stagg, Howlin ,Kemmy October 2, 2009

This is an interesting little pamphlet where we have a Labour party ‘a socialist alternative’. Very much of its time in both the articles on the falling of Communism, The National Question, our Health Service, Women at Work and also the ads.
It also features some of the late Jim Kemmys poetry.
Click on the images if you have difficulty seeing the whole page.



All aboard “The Condom Train” – Workers Party Maynooth 1991 September 29, 2009

Its 1991 – Maynooth is rotten with Sex…..

Actually at the time Condoms were difficult to buy, the  Virgin Megastore was one of the few places one could get condoms unless one was married.A Condom Machine had been quite a divisive issue in the College, especially considering at the time 15% of the Student body would have been Clerical Students and there would have also been a good number of ‘lay’ Theology students. There had been student Referendums on the issue (I wish I had kept that ‘Self Control – Not Condoms’ poster) and this Workers Party Group ‘Students For Change’ were trying a number of different protests.
The Condom Train was one of them….


Gerry Brady, Mairead Byrne,Tim Cotter with Letter form Charlie McCreevey- Fianna Fail Celbridge LEA 1991 September 28, 2009

Charlie McCreevy sends a letter looking for support for the FF candidates in the area, Mairead Byrne,Tim Cotter and former TD Gerry Brady (husband of Aine Brady TD)

A flyer from Gerry Brady looking for the Toilets in Maynooth to be replaced (Weren’t they just knocked down in the end?) and saying there’d be no Road Tolls in Kildare.




Socialist Student (Workers Party) – 1991 September 27, 2009

An Edition of Socialist Student from 1991. It was to be the “Autumn of Action”….  Features an article by Prionsias De Rossa “…I see no role for the Workers Party as another middle of the road populist party, trying to be all things to all people“…. He writes, Months before the Split.

A wonderful looking Super Hero called ‘Condoman’, alas we cant make out his full  catchphrase. A Trip on “The Condom Train ” is advertised too.

The article on the condoms mentioned Student Referendums in Maynooth on the condom issue. These may well bring back memories to those who studied there at the time. It was always my regret that I never took one of the “Self Control -Not Condoms” posters to add to my collection…



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