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“A New Voice for Ring” -Fiachra O Céilleachair -Democratic Left 1997 Waterford March 18, 2011

From 1997 a leaflet from Fiachra O Céilleachair of the Democratic Left to voters in Ring. Fiachra O Ceilleachair had replaced Tony Wright on Waterford County Council. He held the seat running for Labour before losing it in 2004.



Tony Wright, Fiachra O Ceilleachair- Democratic Left- Waterford 1997 November 16, 2009

Democratic Lefts Tony Wright hands over the reigns on Dungarvan UDC and Waterford County Council to Fiachra O Ceilleachair.
Both Fiachra O Ceilleachair and Tony Wright had been members of the Workers Party and Fiachra O Ceilleachair later stood for Labour.
Wright himself had been elected to Waterford Co Council in 1991.




‘Workers Party News and Views’ – Kildare 1990 October 14, 2009

In the late 80’s North Kildare was seen a major growth area of the Workers Party. In 1988 Catherine Murphy and Colm Purcell (who later joined Labour) had been elected to Leixlip Town Commission, although Murphy didn’t do brilliantly in the following years General and European Elections. The recently formed Maynooth branch get a mention at the back. Among them Fiachra O Ceilleachair who served as a Democratic Left and later a Labour councillor in Waterford. Also there is Geography lecturer Prionsias Breathnach who is still a regular contributor to various publications (as well as his own).

1989s marked shift in party policy is illustrated by the welcome given to Intel. Not just that but we have Catherine Murphy acting as a conduit for Intel recruiters. What we also see here is that Water Quality issues are not a recent thing!




Litir Um Thoghchan – ‘as gaeilge’ September 12, 2009

Despite it being an official Language, you dont find too many Parties using our native tongue.  (Although I do see some FF Lisbon posters in Irish).  I’m not even sure we have ‘Litir Um Thoghchan’ too often anymore either.

Heres some rare enough examples that I have….  Pól Ó Foighil agus Fiachra Ó Céilleachair



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