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‘Workers Party News and Views’ – Kildare 1990 October 14, 2009

In the late 80’s North Kildare was seen a major growth area of the Workers Party. In 1988 Catherine Murphy and Colm Purcell (who later joined Labour) had been elected to Leixlip Town Commission, although Murphy didn’t do brilliantly in the following years General and European Elections. The recently formed Maynooth branch get a mention at the back. Among them Fiachra O Ceilleachair who served as a Democratic Left and later a Labour councillor in Waterford. Also there is Geography lecturer Prionsias Breathnach who is still a regular contributor to various publications (as well as his own).

1989s marked shift in party policy is illustrated by the welcome given to Intel. Not just that but we have Catherine Murphy acting as a conduit for Intel recruiters. What we also see here is that Water Quality issues are not a recent thing!




2 Responses to “‘Workers Party News and Views’ – Kildare 1990”

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  2. Joe Says:

    The welcome given to Intel does not, in my view, relate to any shift in WP policy in 1989. At that time it had been longstanding WP policy that multi-national companies setting up in Ireland was a progressive development.

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