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All aboard “The Condom Train” – Workers Party Maynooth 1991 September 29, 2009

Its 1991 – Maynooth is rotten with Sex…..

Actually at the time Condoms were difficult to buy, the  Virgin Megastore was one of the few places one could get condoms unless one was married.A Condom Machine had been quite a divisive issue in the College, especially considering at the time 15% of the Student body would have been Clerical Students and there would have also been a good number of ‘lay’ Theology students. There had been student Referendums on the issue (I wish I had kept that ‘Self Control – Not Condoms’ poster) and this Workers Party Group ‘Students For Change’ were trying a number of different protests.
The Condom Train was one of them….


4 Responses to “All aboard “The Condom Train” – Workers Party Maynooth 1991”

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  3. theraggedwagon Says:

    It’s always puzzled me why the 1971 feminists (who headed to Belfast to get some rubber johnnies) never tackled the Magdalene Laundries where women were being enslaved by a misogynist Church!

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