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Socialist Student (Workers Party) – 1991 September 27, 2009

An Edition of Socialist Student from 1991. It was to be the “Autumn of Action”….  Features an article by Prionsias De Rossa “…I see no role for the Workers Party as another middle of the road populist party, trying to be all things to all people“…. He writes, Months before the Split.

A wonderful looking Super Hero called ‘Condoman’, alas we cant make out his full  catchphrase. A Trip on “The Condom Train ” is advertised too.

The article on the condoms mentioned Student Referendums in Maynooth on the condom issue. These may well bring back memories to those who studied there at the time. It was always my regret that I never took one of the “Self Control -Not Condoms” posters to add to my collection…


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