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‘Some Notes on Ireland’s Premier Political Party’ – a 1989 Fianna Fail Leaflet June 15, 2010

From 1989 a leaflet distributed by the Sean Lemass Cumann in Maynooth entitled ‘Some Notes on Ireland’s Premier Political Party
We get a little history of Fianna Fail as well as party Philosophies and attacks on both Labour and Fine Gael. The leaflet is also very much of its time in that it harks back to Fianna Fail basics, or what were Fianna Fail basics.

The electoral record of the pasty reflects it’s success in forming policies on national and constitutional issues that appeal to all sections of the Irish people. Fianna Fail has made a unique and historic contribution to the building up of our state and the welfare of its people. Its achievements have been the result of progressive policies formilated by a caring listening leadership in tune with a true cross section of our people.

That Fianna Fail is to the Left of Fine Gael may be seen in the party’s commitment to the problems of the small man….

The Labour party’s commitment to nationalisation in pursuit of a Social Workers’ Republic goes much further than is acceptable to the Fianna Fail view of the importance of individual rights and freedoms in society. Labour has also opposed Fianna Fail policy on free trade and Irish entry to the E.E.C.
In the field of economic and social development, the most significant advances of Fianna Fail in Government in recent years were the provision of free post-primary education for all, membership of the European Economic Community and the European Monetary System.



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